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Spirit Airlines is a major US airline that specializes in low-cost passenger flights. The airline, which is headquartered at Dallas Love Field airport, has a large network that spans the United States as well as international destinations in North and Central America. The airline flies to over 100 destinations in total. Spirit operates over 4,000 daily flights during its busiest season (pre-Covid-19 pandemic). To book yours, dial our Telephone number for Airline bookings and book your cheap flights.


Spirit Airlines was established in 1967 and initially only flew between three of Texas' largest cities: Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio. Since then, the airline has expanded dramatically and is now one of the largest airlines in the United States. It is consistently among the top three airlines in the United States in terms of passenger traffic, behind only Delta and American Airlines. It is North America's most common low-cost carrier.

The airline is well-known for its low-cost basic fares, which are offered as seat-only tickets at very low prices. Passengers that need additional services for their flight will add-on to their fare. Spirit is distinct in that it is one of the few airlines that use open seating. Open seating occurs when passengers are not allocated a seat at check-in and must pick their seat on a first-come, first-served basis when they board the flight.

What are the Rapid Rewards?

After all, what is the Spirit Airlines Rapid Rewards? Let's hear about the Spirit Airlines Rapid Rewards scheme and how you're going to reap from it.

Rapid Rewards Spirit is essentially tailored for budget-oriented travelers located in the USA. It is most useful for those who regularly travel to major cities in the United States, Central America, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Spirit Airlines now operates over 4,000 scheduled flights to over 100 destinations. Through being a member of Rapid Incentives, you not only profit from the vast airline network but also receive Spirit Points for every dollar spent on airline bookings, as well as for your hotel car rental and shopping partners.

Spirit Airlines Fast Loyalty is officially ranked No. 6 in the Best Airline Rewards Scheme. The assessment took into account 9 frequent flyer services of various US-based airlines through a number of measures of excellence.

How to become a Member of Rapid Rewards

Spirit Airlines grants membership in the Rapid Rewards scheme to private passengers only. Separate enrolment is a must for persons and points are not to be shared or mixed with other participants. Membership is not, though, for companies and other organizations. Each Member shall be eligible to keep only one Rapid Rewards account after proper registration and due acceptance by the airline. Spirit Points do not expire, but can still be canceled if the member wishes to close the account. Spirit Airlines retains the right to monitor and change all purchases and accounts relating to the Rapid Rewards program at any time and without advance warning to participants in order to comply with the relevant regulations.

How to earn Rapid Rewards Points

Members can gain Rapid Rewards points in a number of ways. This can be achieved by booking tickets and traveling with Spirit Airlines, or by qualifying transactions with Rapid Rewards partners. A member holding a Rapid Rewards account is entitled only to collect points and who actually moves. However, a member keeping an account would not be entitled to receive points for travel from another user or Rapid Rewards participant, even though the owners of the account has paid for travel by another person.

The total number of points for each particular flight shall be determined by Spirit Airlines only after the conclusion of the complete ticket and shall be dependent on the final price charged by the member for the standard fare and fare product bought for that flight. However, the Member may be able to receive points for non-revenue trips, including Partner Pass and Incentive travel. Points would therefore not be received on other trips, such as charter flights, extra seats, trade-outs, discounted fares, and service charges.


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